Change Log 7.6.6 - 7.6.7 (August 14, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.6 -> 7.6.7

  • LIB: setbuf() only disables the CRT buffer and flush only works against the CRT buffers.
• At some point MS introduced a Microsoft Extension mode to fopen called 'commit mode'. This additional mode disables the OS buffers. So when on Windows force stderr redirection to use commit mode.
• See:
  • LOCALE: Remove invalid language codes.
  • client: parse ARM CPU model.
Apparently the format of /proc/cpuinfo has changed on some ARM Linuxes, e.g. Raspbian Wheezy.
The CPU model is something like:
• model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
and the chars between "name" and ":" can be either spaces or a tab.
  • MGR: show last RPC time in project properties.
  • MGR: reorder items in simple view prefs.
  • MGR: Flag previously untranslatable strings as translatable.
  • LOCALE: Update BOINC-Manager.pot with missing strings.
  • MGR: Fix the string construction of the 'work fetch deferral' stuff to be more localization friendly.
  • MGR: Tighten up the code to the last commit a bit.
  • MGR: Make the average and total credit strings translatable and add comments for context.
  • MGR: show executable filename in task properties.
  • MGR: typo fix.
  • MGR: string tweaks.
  • client: fix job scheduling bug that starves CPU instances.
  • MGR: in prefs dialog, buffer size limits are 10, not 100.
  • MGR: in Advanced Preferences dialog highlight textedit field with illegal value by setting its background to red.
  • MGR: use lighter red for error fields.
  • client: Avoid kernel panics at system boot when running as a service.
  • Mac installer: Fix bug introduced in my commit 3e1428c which prevents installing on OS X older than OS 10.9 unless BOINC users and groups already exist (i.e., which causes a clean install to fail.)
  • client: if app reports fraction done outside 0..1, truncate.
  • LIB: add function for formatting numbers w/ digit grouping.
  • client: On Macs, fix failure to recognize CUDA devices when BOINC is launched automatically at login before CUDA has initialized at system boot.
  • Mac installer: attempt to prevent a rare installer crash when system is set for a language other than English.
  • Mac uninstaller: Fix a hang bug on some older versions of OS X (including 10.6.8.)