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Q: Why can't I delete my account?

A: David: Vetoed by Jord.

Jord: :-)
Yes, but in its present form it's insecure as heck. Now all you have to do is go to your account and click the Delete Account button. Read the blurb on the next page and select Yes. And then you've lost all of your account, all your credit, your computers list, your profile, your post count, your posts (probably). Etc. etc. etc.

All that without any security in place. Nothing that checks that you who wants to delete that account is the owner of that account, not even a reCaptcha. So any malignant person can take over your account and delete it...

So even while I have no say over anything David does, he did listen to me and disabled the present form. Until we can find something simple, yet secure as well.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jord / David Anderson 559 16-Feb-2011