How do I copy BOINC's files over the old installation or do a Network install of BOINC?

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The next example is how to install BOINC 5.8.3 regardless of what is in the BOINC directory.

A network administrator can update BOINC versions this way without interrupting your work.

Download Boinc 5.8.3 and save it to somewhere easy to reach, like C:\ (just the root directory). If you use a browser that automatically saves files to the last folder used, right click on the download link, then use Save As.. from the drop down menu.

Then go Start->Run, type cmd and hit Enter. A command line window opens. Please type in the commands exactly as they show here. The command line uses spaces between commands! Else copy the commands from here and paste them in the CL window.

In the window, type cd\ {Enter} If the default drive isn't C:\, type C: {Enter} Type boinc_5.8.3_windows_intelx86 /a {Enter}

The installer should start. Make sure you do NOT write directly to the present BOINC directory though. What the /a command does is essentially unpack BOINC. So write it to a different directory. Let's assume C:\BOINC_Temp

When it's done, exit the command line window by pressing the X. Then navigate to the C:\BOINC_Temp directory. You see here that there are two directories made, one called Program Files and one called Windows.

The Windows directory contains the BOINC.scr file (screen saver).

Copy C:\BOINC_Temp\Windows\Boinc.scr to C:\Windows\ (or to C:\WINNT\ for Win NT or Windows 2000) on your other networked computers.

The Program Files directory contains a sub-directory called BOINC. Copy this complete folder (or the contents of it) to your own BOINC directory. Say Yes to overwrite, or Overwrite all. (or copy C:\BOINC_Temp\Program Files\BOINC\*.* to the BOINC directory on your networked computers).

Done! You're updated. You can now delete the BOINC_Temp directory.

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