How to Reset the Result Duration Correction Factor?

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If you notice that your results say they will take extremely long to complete, while in reality they run for short amounts of time, it is possible that something increased your Result Duration Correction Factor to an extreme number. It should be between 0.5 and 1 to estimate correctly.

Here's how to reset the RDCF. In the example, I'll use the RDCF for the project. Please substitute Malaria with whichever project you want to reset the RDCF for.

  • Exit BOINC (usually BOINC Manager->File->Exit).
  • Navigate to your BOINC directory
    • For BOINC 5.10 and before, this is default at c:\program files\boinc\
    • For BOINC 6.2 and above, check where the default BOINC Data directories are. (Linking to another FAQ)
    • For BOINC 7.0 and above, check where the default BOINC Data directories are.
  • Find and open client_state.xml with Notepad (or any other clear text editor).
  • Use Edit->Find, type in Malaria in the find box, click Find Next.
  • Look for the <duration_correction_factor>x.xxxxxx</duration_correction_factor> line and edit the number in there to 1.000000
  • Save the client-state.xml file with the File->Save option.
  • Restart BOINC (usually Start->Programs->BOINC->BOINC Manager)

The changes take immediately, your estimated time to completion showing more near what the times should be.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
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