How to make a log file with the BOINC installer? (Windows, Alpha and debug)

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So your BOINC isn't installing correctly and you don't know what to do. Many a reinstall and the problem persists. Can't they make this thing work out-of-the-box, darn it. ;-) The developers are always changing things. Adding options to the installer, changing it completely, etc. They can't make sure it works on all systems.

But they can see if it is a problem on your system, or with the installer, if you install BOINC in the following way:

  • Download BOINC and save it someplace that's easy to find, like C:\BOINC\
  • Now open a command line window, by going Start->Run, type cmd and click OK.

In the open command line window, you'll find yourself usually in a completely different directory than where we should be. So we're going to where you downloaded BOINC to.

  • To do so, type cd \boinc and press Enter.
  • If all is well, the part before the blinking cursor now shows C:\BOINC>
  • If it didn't, make sure you are on the correct drive. I have given C: as an example, but you could well like everything on D:

Now copy the following line. Do not try to type it, I once did and you'll miss a small bit that's really needed oh so quickly. By copying it it will be stored in your Windows clipboard.

boinc_6.6.11_windows_intelx86.exe /v"/l*vx c:\boincsetup.log"

I am using BOINC 6.6.11 as an example. When you are using a different version, do change its name. You can paste the line temporarily into Notepad, edit it and then select and copy it again.

Now go to your still open command line window.

In Windows XP, you can right click anywhere in the window and do Paste. I'm sure the same options apply for other versions of Windows as well. Using the CTRL+V option will just put ^V in the command line window, so do not use this.

Press Enter and the BOINC installer will start up.

Run through the install as usual and when it has ended, close down BOINC Manager and navigate to your C: drive (or wherever you put the log file), where the log file called boincsetup.log can be found.

Send that log by email to Rom Walton. Explain in the email what your problem is and he'll check the log and get back to you. This may take a while. He has other things to do as well, like program BOINC. ;-)

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