How to set up BOINC for use on multiprocessor systems?

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Local preferences:

Open BOINC Manager->Advanced view->Advanced->Preferences. Go to the Processor tab.

In BOINC 5.10 and earlier, this is "On multiprocessor systems, use at most x processors". (*)

In BOINC 6.1.0 and later this is "On multiprocessors, use at most 100 % of the processors".

Use of the website preferences: Open Your Account->Computing preferences->edit preferences->Processor usage.

For 5.10 and earlier versions, use the "On multiprocessors, use at most x processors" option.

For 6.1 and later, use the "On multiprocessors, use at most 100 % of the processors" option.

Make sure you save the changes to the website with the button at the bottom, then update BOINC: Open BOINC Manager->Advanced view->Projects tab->select the project you saved your changes at->click Update.

If you want to hand edit anything, edit global_prefs.xml and/or global_prefs_override.xml in your BOINC directory.

(*) Not all have the Advanced Preferences option in BOINC Manager. This GUI option came along in 5.9.0, if I am not mistaken. The global_prefs_override.xml option came along in BOINC 5.4

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