I just upgraded to a multi-core/multi-CPU. How do I get BOINC to use all cores/CPUs?

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Please log in to whatever science project you are a part of, and click on Your Account. Then, click on "View or Edit General Preferences".

For BOINC 5.10 and below: You need to change the setting for "On multiprocessors, use at most x of the processors" to a number equivalent to the number of CPUs/cores you are willing to put to use for the project. So if you bought a quad core CPU but only want to use three, enter three and save the preferences.

For BOINC 6.1 and above: You need to change the setting for "On multiprocessors, use at most xxx% of the processors" to a number equivalent of your processors. If you have a dual processor/core, setting the number to 50% will use only one processor/core.

Make sure to save the changes to the web site.

Once you have done that, the next time the BOINC software checks in with the server for preferences, it will automatically download the new ones and start using them right away. Or, if you prefer, you can always force BOINC to download the newest preferences immediately by clicking on "Advanced View" (only if using the BOINC Simple View), then click on the Projects tab, then select your project, then click on the "Update" button to the left. This will force BOINC to check in with the servers and download any newer preferences that may be stored online.

You also have to make certain that your Operating System is upgraded to be capable of handling more CPUs. Windows is particular about that in that it has a Single CPU Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and a multi CPU HAL. Each version of windows also has an upper limit on the number of CPUs that it will run. This is much of the difference between Home, Professional and Server versions.

If you are using the Local Advanced Preferences, make sure you change the processor preferences here. These preferences will override those of the web site.

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