Is BOINC available for Android?

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Is BOINC available for Android? Yes, it is.
The latest version is always available from the Google Play Store.

When you're a registered alpha tester, the page will know and offer you the latest alpha version. That one is also available from the Download All page.

HTC Power to Give?

This is a version of BOINC, customized by HTC.

HTC Power to Give (PTG) is a full-featured BOINC application. If both PTG and the standard BOINC application are installed on a device, only PTG will run.
It is available from the Google Play Store.

More information

For more information about BOINC on Android, please see the Android FAQ in the BOINC User Wiki.


At the moment, the last present version available through the Google Playstore, version 7.4.53 has problems when run under Android 6 and above. A simple fix is to use a previous version, 7.4.43 and not let it update to the newer version. To be able to install this version, you will - temporarily - have to allow installations from unknown sources in your Security preferences in Android.