Not requesting work or reporting results / Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks?

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Since BOINC 5.10.24 this message changed into: Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks.

This is NOT an error message.

In general this is an informational message telling you that your system has (done) enough work from the one project or the multiple projects you are attached to.

Do not try to force BOINC into downloading work for other projects. You may well make it worse. BOINC will switch the CPU availability between projects. When it has crunched 4 hours for one project, it will give those 4 hours back to the other project(s) you are attached to.

When you have just installed BOINC, with more than one project attached to it, it will in general (if left alone) take around 2 weeks for BOINC to learn about all your projects.

Setting a large queue size (more than 7 days), can take 4 weeks for BOINC to learn about all the work. Be patient!

It can also occur if one of the following applies:

1) First thing to check if you see this message is this: Projects tab in BOINC Manager, check in the Status of the affected project that it doesn't say "Won't get new tasks" in its status.

If your project has this status, click on the project, then click on the "Allow new Tasks" button on the left hand side menu.

2) Check if your Network connection is available. In the activity menu bar, check if Network activity isn't set to Suspended.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 102 31-10-2007