Two accounts, how to post with the one you're getting credit on?

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Note: The below FAQ is showing you how to change your account for [email protected] and on Windows machines primarily. If you want to follow these steps for any other project, make sure you go to the correct "Your Account" and that you use the correct account_*.xml file.

To log in on the other account, to make sure you and your computers are on the same account, do the following:

Go to Your account and Log Out. Immediately load that link to Your account again and you'll be asked to log in again, now take the little blue link to "Forgot password?".

You're going to log in with your account key. To find your account key, open the file in your BOINC (Data) directory (*). By just clicking on the file, it usually opens up in your web browser. Else use Notepad or another text editor to edit the file.

(*) For BOINC 5.10 and below this file is found in your BOINC directory, by default at C:\Program Files\BOINC For BOINC 6.1 and above this file is found in your BOINC Data directory, by default at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC\ (Windows 2000/XP) or C:\ProgramData\BOINC (Vista).

Look for a 32 character key string in between the <authenticator></authenticator> tags. Copy this key. Close account_*.xml (do NOT save it when you opened it in a text editor! Just close it).

Go to the Project web page that is still open on the Forgot your password link. Paste the 32 character key string into the option "log in with account key" and press the Log in with account key button.

You can now change your password on the correct account, or change any of the preferences and have BOINC contact the project to get the updated preferences in.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 463 07-11-2007