What are the std*.txt files for?

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BOINC logs as much as it can about what it is doing. It will save the messages from the Messages tab/Event Log to disk, will try to capture any crash information about itself and applications in stack traces.

It does that in the stdoutdae.txt, stderrdae.txt, stdoutgui.txt and stderrgui.txt files.

  • std stands for Standard.
  • out means Output.
  • err means Error.
  • gui means Graphical User Interface. This is BOINC Manager.
  • gpudetect means Graphical Processing Unit detection. It stores errors about the GPU detection.
  • scr means Screen Saver.
  • tray means BOINCTray (idle detection program).
  • gfx mean Graphics (as opposed to screen saver).
  • dae means daemon. This is BOINC, the core client.

With these you can now easily see which files are for what.
The TXT extension is used so it can easily be opened up in any text editor, while at the same time it won't be confused by any operating system as anything else than a text file.
These BOINC logs are stored in the BOINC data directory.

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