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  | Jorden
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  | 28-04-2008
  | 28-04-2008

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When you're done with a task in BOINC, it uploads the data that is has collected to a directory on the project's server. Then a notice has to be sent to the database that you have finished this task with whatever outcome you had, be it that you finished it correctly, had an error or aborted it.

This notice is the "ready to report" part. BOINC will do this automatically in 24 hours, but if you can't wait that long, open BOINC Manager, Advanced view, Projects tab, select the project the task is from and press the Update button. That reports the tasks that are ready to report immediately.

Completed work is reported at the first of:

  1. 24 hours before deadline.
  2. Connect Every X before deadline.
  3. 24 hours after task completion.
  4. Immediately if the upload completes later than either 1, 2, or 3 upon completion of the task.
  5. On a trickle up message.
  6. On a trickle down request.
  7. On a server scheduled connection. Used, but I am not certain by which project.
  8. On a request for new work.
  9. When the user pushes the update button.
  10. On a request from an account manager.
  11. Report immediately every task, if "No new Task" is set.
  12. Report immediately if CPU or network time-of-day override starts in the next 30 minutes.
  13. When minimum work buffer is reached.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 68 28-04-2008