Where can I download BOINC?

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Plain & Simple

The recommended version for your computer and operating system can be downloaded straight from the download page: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php.

The page detects what kind of computer or operating system you have and gives you a direct download to the latest recommended version, one with VirtualBox included, the other without. If the projects you plan to run do not use VirtualBox, you can download and install the version without VirtualBox.

The BOINC installer with VirtualBox included will always have the correct version included that works with all the projects and BOINC. Newer versions of the software may not work reliably with BOINC or the project applications. Always ask about this at the projects you run in VirtualBox.

I want to be an Alpha tester

If you feel more adventurous and want to test an Alpha version of the software, go to the Download All versions page. Here you can get the latest versions for your operating system.

Do know that Alpha versions are unstable. If you want to help test it, post any problems you have with this software on the BOINC Alpha email list. This list requires registration if you want to get answers back through it. Also see the BOINC Alpha site for other instructions.

You can also post problems with the software on the BOINC forums.

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