Where can I get other help?

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Best course of action is to start asking at the Help Desk or when you have sufficient recent average credit (a must for most projects to be allowed to post is a recent average credit larger than 1 (one)) in the Number Crunching forums of the project you run.

If they can't help you, you can there are other ways of getting help, such as:
1. The BOINC User Manual
2. The Skype Online Help Desk
3. The BOINC forums
(Please, this forum is for BOINC questions. We do help occasionally on Project errors, but we point you to their forums if it's easier solved through there.)
4. Google search
5. BOINC on GitHub, needs registration. GitHub can be used for reporting bugs in the client-, forum- and server software, and requesting feature requests. If you want to request help on project based errors, use the forums.

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Jorden 59 25-08-2007