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To check if a BOINC project is capable of using your GPU, you can check the list of BOINC projects, via the BOINC web site or via the Join Projects wizard.
If you want to know if your GPU is capable of doing these calculations, you can check various lists available on the internet. But just simple rule of thumb is:

- AMD/ATI GPU: Radeon HD 4000 and higher have OpenCL capability, but better to use is HD 5000 and above.

- Nvidia: to use CUDA, you need at least a Geforce 8800. All Nvidia GPUs are OpenCL capable.

Because Nvidia found that their CUDA was more efficient and faster than OpenCL, they decided at one time to develop only CUDA and no longer add the newest OpenCL to their GPUs. Therefore it is possible you have a top-of-the-range latest model Nvidia GPU with just OpenCL 1.2 capability, while OpenCL is already in version 3 or 4.

- Intel: the minimum requirement is a 3rd generation Intel iCore CPU with HD Graphics. For a list see here

Intel CPUs have OpenCL capability built in from Sandy Bridge, 2nd generation iCore. Their built-in HD Graphics GPUs do not support OpenCL.