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Welcome to the BOINC Wiki

These BOINC FAQ Wiki pages are intended to replace the original BOINC FAQ Service which is also hosted by

The content of the original BOINC FAQ were thought of and written mostly by me, Jord van der Elst. If you have anything to ask, add or other, please contact me in private on the BOINC forums (User Ageless). Also please contact me should you wish to copy any of the articles posted here.

When you want to write for this Wiki, just privately message me on the BOINC forums with your email address and preferred user name and I'll set you up.


The BOINC logo in the BOINC FAQ logo is used with permission.
All project logos are used only with permission from the projects.
All FAQ images and the favicon were made by Jord.


To keep the lights on we do look for donations, no matter how minute. I appreciate any donations via