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Not an error message. It's a success message. Rejoice!


Cannot make a file, due to problems with the write directory. Directory may be hidden, or its contents set to read-only. Or permission is just not allowed.


Cannot read file. Is the file even there? Is the file corrupt?


Cannot write the file. Is there enough drive space to write the file into? Do you have permission to write to the directory? Are the contents of the directory set to read-only?


Memory allocation failed. Do you have enough memory? Is the application appointing a memory write point within your available memory?


File Open has failed. Make sure you have read/write rights to the whole BOINC directory and sub directories, that all files are not read-only.
On BOINC 5 versions, make sure the BOINC directory isn't hidden.


This is a network connection error and can happen when you try to use TLS/SSL authentication while the server is not set up for TLS/SSL, or vice versa.


Application ran out of memory during the decode, file ended too soon, too many bad lines - rejecting file, encoded line has bad length.


Bad binary task.


In the Seti project this is a benign error. It means that there were more radio signals found than there is space in the output file to store them in. This is most usually caused by extra terrestrial Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals. Not aliens.


Unhandled signal.


Floating Point error.


Task failed at exit.

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