BOINCCMD command line switches

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The BOINCCMD program is the command line control program for BOINC. While you can start the BOINC client with its own set of switches, you can set these only once.

The BOINCCMD program allows you to control BOINC multiple times, especially useful for when you lack a GUI (BOINC Manager). Multiple commands per line are possible.


Boinccmd --command1 --command2 --command3
Shows which BOINC client version it's connected to.
--create_account URL email password name
Used to make an account at a project, using password such and so, your email address and what nickname to go on the account.
Usage: e.g. boinccmd --create_account [email protected] RoVeR12 Joe .. Watch out with case sensitivity on password!
--file_transfer URL filename operation
File transfer operation options = retry | abort
Gets the status of the CPU, GPU and Network, its present run status, and what your preference setting is for the run mode (based on preferences, always on or suspended).
Shows the network traffic history.
Show disk usage per project attached.
Show file transfers.
Shows details about your host, such as CPU used, Network name, operating system, disk size, etc.
Show largest message sequence number.
--get_messages [ seqno ]
Show messages, if need be output per sequence number.
--get_notices [ seqno ]
Show notices if need be per sequence number.
--get_project_config URL
Polls the project in the URL for the short project name, minimum password length and if it requires unique user names.
Show status of all attached projects.
Show proxy settings.
Show tasks. BOINC 6.12 and before.
Show status of projects and active tasks.
Show entire state.
Show tasks. BOINC 7.0 and later.
--join_acct_mgr URL name password
Attach to an account manager.
--lookup_account URL email password
Used to check up on your account and get your authenticator key and details sent to you.
Retry deferred network communication.
--project URL operation
Project operation options = reset | detach | update | suspend | resume | nomorework | allowmorework
--project_attach URL authenticator
Attach to project using your authenticator key.
Quit running the BOINC client.
Quit using your current account manager.
(Re-)read the client configuration file (cc_config.xml).
(Re-)Read the global_prefs_override.xml file.
--result URL task_name operation
Job operation options = suspend | resume | abort | graphics_window | graphics_fullscreen
BOINC 6.12 and below.
Run CPU benchmarks.
--set_debts URL1 std1 ltd1
Used to (re-)set the short term and long term debts of any given project. Usage: boinccmd --set_debts 0 0 (to reset the short term and long term debts on Seti@Home). No longer available on BOINC 7.0 and above.
--set_gpu_mode mode duration
Sets GPU mode. Options always | auto | never
Duration is in seconds, e.g. 3600 for an hour.
--set_host_info product_name
--set_network_mode mode duration
Set run mode for given duration mode = always | auto | never
Duration is in seconds, e.g. 3600 for an hour.
Set up your proxy settings.
--set_run_mode mode duration
Set run mode for given duration mode = always | auto | never
--task URL task_name op
Task operations. Options suspend | resume | abort. BOINC 7.0 and above.
--version, -V
Show BOINCCMD tool version.

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