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Welcome to the BOINC FAQ Service Wikipedia pages. These pages are a continuation of the old BOINC FAQ Service pages that we ran since December 2006. This site contains various FAQs that have been generated by the BOINC community. They have been gathered together here in an organised manner to allow you to find solutions to common problems experienced by users of BOINC software and the various BOINC projects.

This site would not be possible without the help of: Jord, Kiska and Ed from Seattle, who volunteered in helping to copy everything over from the old site, rewrite where they could, add new material and do checking of others' work.

Note: As with many sites on the Internet, this Wiki is currently undergoing construction. Material will change, pages will cease to be, others will be started up, moved about, renamed, perhaps deleted again.

Enter the FAQs

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