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[[File:BOINC_FAQ_green.png|border|center|650px|BOINC FAQ Logo|link=Enter the FAQs]]<br>
[[File:BOINC_FAQ_green.png|border|center|650px|BOINC FAQ Logo|link=Enter the FAQs]]<br>
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<center>Click the image to enter the FAQs</center><br></div>
<center>Click the image to enter the FAQs</center><br></div>

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Click the image to enter the FAQs


Welcome to the BOINC FAQ Service Wikipedia pages.

On the 12th of December 2006 I wrote the first FAQ for the old BOINC FAQ Service pages. In the years after that it grew out to be a large gathering of all kinds of errors, problems, solutions, and helpful hints on how to navigate much of BOINC. A lot of the FAQs came directly from the BOINC community.

But as BOINC was progressing faster than I could keep up with rewriting the FAQs, and I found I was the only one remaining adding to those FAQs, there was less and less time for me to work on them. Which is why I thought of moving everything over to a Wikipedia environment and open it up for loads more people.

Which is where we are now. A lot of the FAQs are rewritten already, but a couple of the larger ones still need to be done. Those come over the next months.
Completely opening it up we won't do, but we do allow users to add content, all you have to do is request an account and Neil or I will make one. We cannot open it up completely due to spammers.

This site would not be possible without the help of: Jord, Kiska and Ed from Seattle, who volunteered in helping to copy everything over from the old site, rewrite where they could, add new material and do checking of others' work.

Note: As with many sites on the Internet, this Wiki is currently undergoing construction. Material will change, pages will cease to be, others will be started up, moved about, renamed, perhaps deleted again.

To keep this site in the air we are looking for donations, please see About BOINC Wiki for information.