BOINC Manager command line switches

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boincmgr [/h] [--verbose] [/a] [/s] [/n <str>] [/g <str>] [/p <str>] [/b <str>] [/i] [/c] [/m]          

/h --help               --> Show this help message.
--verbose --> Generate verbose log messages.
/a --autostart --> BOINC Manager was started by the operating system automatically.
/s --systray --> Startup BOINC Manager so only the system tray icon is visible.
/n --namehost=<str> --> Host name or IP address.
/g --gui_rpc_port=<str> --> GUI RPC port number.
/p --password=<str> --> Password.
/b --boincargs=<str> --> Startup BOINC with these optional arguments.
/i --insecure --> Disable BOINC security users and permissions.
/c --checkskins --> Set skin debugging mode to enable skin manager error messages.
/m --multiple --> Multiple instances of BOINC Manager allowed.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 591 29-03-2012