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Master File - The Master File is a file on the project's server that tells where to find the scheduler server(s) and the project's data servers.

It usually resides on the index page and should have embedded within one or more comment lines (invisible when the page is normally viewed in a Web Browser) one or more URLs for the Project's Scheduling Servers.

This allows the Project to move the Servers to a new address without having to e-mail notices, contact and update all of the Participant's Computers, etc.

Master Science Database - This is the database of the project where all the results come from and are reported back to.

Maxmium Daily Quota - A setting that allows a computer to only download so many results per day.

When the computer "trashes" results, or in other words returns client error upon client error, the MDQ is decreased 1 per faulty/trashed result. In the end you end up with 1 result per day. When you see such a message, it's 99% of the time your computer that is at fault. Check your hardware.

Once the computer returns good results again, the MDQ will double per result returned correctly.

MB - Abbreviation for motherboard.

MB - Abbreviation for megabyte.

MB - Abbreviation for Multi-Beam, a search method used on Seti.

Merge Computers - When your one computer is in your computer list multiple times with the same CPU/Operating system description, this feature allows you to merge them all together to be shown as one computer. You will not lose the old credit.

Model - Model is another word for a result, mostly used on the CPDN projects. Since their results are models of what the weather looked like or may look like in the future.

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