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NNT - Abbreviation for No New Tasks.

No New Tasks - Formerly known as No New Work. When in BOINC Manager, you can set a project not to download work again. This allows you to stay attached to the project without too many problems. The button will change to "Allow New Tasks". It shows the option you have, not the state that it is in. See Allow New Tasks.

No Reply - The result was sent to a client and no reply was received within the time limit. See Outcome.

No Work Fetch - This situation occurs when you have no need for work. See Not requesting new work or reporting results. The work fetch scheduler deems you don't need work and thus you won't get any. See Work Fetch Policy.

This situation can also happen when your computer is in EDF mode. See EDF/Earliest Deadline First.

NWF - Abbreviation for No Work Fetch.

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