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Open Source - From Wikipedia: Open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials - typically its source code - allowing users to create user-generated software content. Some consider it a philosophy, and others consider it a pragmatic methodology.

Outcome - A result's outcome is defined if its server state is over. Possible values are:

  • Unknown -- The result was sent to a client, but the client has not yet completed the work and reported the outcome.
  • Success -- A client completed the result successfully.
  • Couldn't send -- The server wasn't able to send the result to a client (perhaps because its - resource requirements were too large)
  • Client error -- The result was sent to a client and an error occurred.
  • No reply -- The result was sent to a client and no reply was received within the time limit.
  • Didn't need -- The result wasn't sent to a client because enough other results were returned for this work unit.
  • Validate error -- The result was reported but could not be validated, typically because the output files were lost on the server.

Over - This will show on the Your Results pages in the Your Account page, when the result's outcome has hit one of the definitive ones.

Overcommitted - This message is for BOINC version pre-5.8, it falls together with the Earliest Deadline First message. An overcommitted computer is in the process of missing a deadline on one or more results. It won't download new work.

The message can also happen when you download just too much work for a slow computer.

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