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Open Source

From Wikipedia: Open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials — typically its source code — allowing users to create user-generated software content. Some consider it a philosophy, and others consider it a pragmatic methodology.


A result's outcome is defined if its server state is over. Possible values are:

- Unknown -- The result was sent to a client, but the client has not yet completed the work and reported the outcome. - Success -- A client completed the result successfully. Couldn't send -- The server wasn't able to send the result to a client (perhaps because its - resource requirements were too large) Client error -- The result was sent to a client and an error occurred. - No reply -- The result was sent to a client and no reply was received within the time limit. - Didn't need -- The result wasn't sent to a client because enough other results were returned for this work unit. - Validate error -- The result was reported but could not be validated, typically because the output files were lost on the server.


This will show on the Your Results pages in the Your Account page, when the result's outcome has hit one of the definitive ones.


This message is for BOINC version pre-5.8, it falls together with the Earliest Deadline First message. An overcommitted computer is in the process of missing a deadline on one or more results. It won't download new work.

The message can also happen when you download just too much work for a slow computer.

| Jorden
| 30
| 1
| 19:40:15
| 2007-01-25
| 85338
| 1
| 128
| 2007-01-25 19:40:15
| 2007-01-25 19:40:15