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Queue - Starting with Seti Classic, it had a flaw where it would only download one result, crunch it and upload it again. Yet if the project was offline for a couple of weeks, you couldn't get - and thus crunch more - results. Add-ons to Seti Classic overcame this problem. A central server would download multiple results that were sent out to others.

BOINC has its own queue. It can take work from 0.001 days to a maximum of 10 days. This should get your through project related outages without a problem.

Quorum - One result, a set or a collection of results that are ready for Validation. Most projects use a quorum of 3 results. Some projects use a quorum of 1, where you get what you claimed. CPDN uses trickles which give you a set amount of credit for the model you are crunching. See trickles.

Quota - The daily result quota will determine how many results you can download per 24 hours to your computer. This amount is set by the project. It's also set per CPU. So if you have a duo-core HT computer, you have 4 times the daily quota. This depends on how many CPUs you set BOINC to use, of course.

When your computer is returning only garbage results, which won't validate, you will be deducted one result per result turned in badly. This means you could end up to 1 result/day per CPU. Hopefully before that time you noticed something is wrong already.

Do check if you didn't overclock too high, check if your RAM is still alright and always report to the forums of the project you have the problem with, include the error message you got when returning faulty results.

Once you fixed your computer and are returning good results again, your quota will double with every result returned correctly.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 134 25-01-2007