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RAC - Abbreviation of Recent Average Credit.

RDCF - Abbreviation for Result Duration Correction Factor. Also known as DCF/Duration Correction Factor.

Read config file - Used only in BOINC 5.8 and above. This allows for changes to the cc_config.xml file while BOINC is running. Using this menu option loads the cc_config.xml file again without you needing to exit BOINC and restarting it. Works also on service installs.

Read local prefs file - Used only in BOINC 5.8 and above. This allows for changes to the global_prefs.xml or global_prefs_override.xml file while BOINC is running. Using this menu option loads the latest preferences file again without you needing to exit BOINC and restarting it. Works also on service installs.

Ready to Report - Once the application has crunched your result to completion and uploaded it to the project, it needs to be reported back to the project's database that you finished this result. In BOINC Manager it will then show as "Ready to report".

BOINC reports completed work at the first of:

  1. The next work request from a project.
  2. 24 hours before the deadline.
  3. Immediately if the work is completed later than 24 hours before the deadline.
  4. Connect every X days after the work is completed.
  5. With the next trickle (CPDN only at this point).
  6. When the user clicks update.
  7. Connect every X days before the report is due. (new with 5.4 and above)

Ready to Run - Results in the queue in BOINC Manager/Tasks that haven't started yet will show this status.

Release project - A project that got out of Alpha or Beta stage testing and is opened to the public.

Remote Procedure Call - From Wikipedia: Remote procedure call is a technology that allows a computer program to cause a subroutine or procedure to execute in another address space - commonly on another computer, without the programmer explicitly coding the details for this remote interaction. That is, the programmer would write essentially the same code whether the subroutine is local to the executing program, or remote.

It's also used to allow BOINC to communicate with its different parts (daemon, GUI, screen saver) on localhost. The computer's firewall needs to approve of this.

Report Deadline - The "Sell by date" of a result. See Deadline.

Reset Project - This command in the BOINC Manager will reset the project back to its initial state. It will delete all results you still have, including those you still need to report. It will also delete the application(s) and then download everything anew. -- It will not delete an anonymous platform though. If you are using an app_info.xml file, you will need to exit BOINC, delete this file yourself, then restart BOINC and reset the project.

Resource Share - With the Resource Share setting you set the amount of time you give the CPU to any of the projects you are attached to over a 24 hour window. The project needs to have work in the queue. Other dependencies are the Short Term Debt and the switch between projects time.

Example given:

Project A has an RS of 75
Project B has an RS of 25

Project A will run 18 hours out of 24, Project B will run 6 hours out of 24. 

Result (1) - The outcome of a task after it has been crunched by the application for that project. This is what you upload to the project. See Work Unit.

Result (2) - Old term for task.

Resume - To continue after a pause or suspend. In BOINC Manager, the Suspend button will change to a Resume button when pressed.

Retry Communications - With the Retry comms option in BOINC Manager/Advanced menu, you can force communications with all projects that are deferring communications. It will not make your BOINC Update on itself. Use the Update button for that.

Retry in... - Status showing in BOINC Manager, showing the deferral time before Boinc will try to communicate with a project again.

Retry Now - A way to force a retry on uploading results in BOINC Manager/Tasks.

RPC - Abbreviation for Remote Procedure Call.

RS - Abbreviation for Resource Share.

Run always - Do work, regardless of any general preferences set.

Run based on preferences - Do work, following the preferences you set in your general preferences and project preferences (resource share, queue size, disk amount used, etc.).

Running - When in BOINC Manager/Tasks, the status Running Shows the active result(s) being crunched.

Running, High Priority - A policy for results that are in danger of missing their deadline, and weighted round-robin among other projects if additional CPUs exist. This allows the client to meet deadlines that would otherwise be missed, while honoring resource shares over the long term.

Since BOINC 6.10.24 only tasks that miss their deadline in RR simulation will be chosen.

Former EDF. See also EDF, Earliest Deadline First.

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