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Unrecoverable error - A message for the user/project to show that for some kind of reason this result crashed and cannot be crunched any further. The message will usually have an error message included. In the stderr.txt that is sent to the server it will show (hopefully) more information.

Unsent - Message on the Project's server. The result is ready to send, but hasn't been sent yet.

UOTD - Abbreviation for User of the Day.

Update - With this button you force updates on the project. For instance reporting all results ready to be reported, or you have changed your preferences and want BOINC to know about them. With this button you do so. You Update the whole state of BOINC with it.

Uploading - The act of sending completed results from your cache back to the project. This will of course use your internet connection.

User of the Day - A show of appreciation by the project to those who have made a profile with a picture. The UOTD is chosen at random from the BOINC database.

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Jorden 147 25-01-2007