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Valid - Correct.

Validate Error - The result was reported but could not be validated, typically because the output files were lost on the server.

Validator - The validator compares redundant results and selects a canonical result representing the correct output, and a canonical credit granted to users and hosts that return the correct output.

Venue - The Location setting for the preferences for this computer. Venue choices are Home, Work, School and Default.

VHAR - On Seti: Very High Angle Range. Happens when the receiver is actively being 'nodded' from side to side to cover more sky, in a basket weave pattern.

VLAR - One Seti: Very Low Angle Range. Happens when the receiver is actively being powered backwards against the Earth's rotation, so a single sky point (star, nebula, galaxy) remains at the centre of the field of view for an extended period.

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