Breakpoint Encountered (0x80000003) at address 0x77F767CD

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This error can happen when a task has exceeded the maximum CPU time or maximum disk space. The abort message causes the science application to call DebugBreak() which causes the 0x80000003 error code.

The idea being that if either the memory or CPU usage has been exceeded then there is either a memory leak or an infinite loop that the project needs to debug. DebugBreak() will cause the Windows Debugger to start up and dump a stack trace of the stuff the application was doing, and report it back to the project.

Most of the times you come across this error message however is when you have manually aborted one or more tasks that were running at that time.
Aborting running tasks will also call the DebugBreak() routine and do the same dump of information as before.

Address 0x77F767CD
This doesn't mean you have a hardware error. The address 0x77F767CD is the user breakpoint set in ntdll.dll which will allow for a graceful break of your software, rather than dump you to a blue screen of death.

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