CPID - Cross-Project Identifier

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The Cross-Project Identifier is a 32 character hexadecimal key that combines the MD5 hash of your domain name, IP address, free disk space, and a timestamp of your computer on a project, locked to your email address (the unique identifier).

The CPID is used by statistics sites to quickly see which projects your computer is attached to.

The projects do not communicate your CPID directly between projects. The CPID has to go through your computers in order to synchronize. So, if you have multiple computers attached to multiple projects, there must be a path from project server to client to project server that covers all projects to which you have computers attached. There must also be successful communications between the client and the project server to update the project server with the CPID.

The CPID changes if you change the email address, and the email address used at each project must be the same as that used for all other projects you are attached to.

Older clients will switch to the higher CPID when a project generates a new CPID. Newer clients will keep the CPID from the project with the oldest join date. Note that because this date is not transferred back to the server except with version 6 clients and the most recent servers, there is a bug where the CPID can be split and one project flips between these two. If this is the case, attach the project with the oldest join date to all hosts for a while.

| Jorden
| 6
| 1
| 01:56:17
| 2008-05-19
| 83816
| 1
| 192
| 2008-05-19 01:56:17
| 2008-07-03 02:33:35