Change Log 5.10.1

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Change Log 5.10.1, June 5, 2007

  • client: add cmdline options --exit_before_start and --exit_after_finish. This cause the core client to exit immediately before or after running a job, letting you examine the contents of the slot directory.
  • fixes SVN ticket #220: 5.10.0 won't install on Win98
  • fixes SVN ticket #11: Installer installs autostart command when not selected (Win9x)
  • Mac: Fix substantial build breaks in reorganized hostinfo_unix.C.
  • MGR: _() is for static content, wxGetTranslation is for dynamic content.
  • fixes SVN ticket #222: help output of client and boinc_cmd (from Frank Thomas)
  • client: fix bug in set_debt() GUI RPC
  • MGR: Make sure get_cc_status is called only once a second. Polling should be taken care of via MainDocument functions to make sure that RPCs calls do not become excessive.
  • MGR: Get rid of an exit(0) call since it is evil in Windows programs.
  • WinSETUP: Add an exception handler to the VBS script so if the user cancels the launch of BOINC Manager at startup the script itself doesn't throw an error message.
  • Get memory measurements to work on Win64. The format of a process descriptor had changed a little and the format of the VM stats part was completely changed. I had to reverse engineer it - very unpleasant.
  • client: a few more network_status_debug messages
  • client: allow suspension of non-CPU-intensive project or app (undoes checkin of 25 Jan 2005; I don't remember why we made that change. Next time put in checkin notes!)
  • client: Linux: show error msg if can't open /proc/cpuinfo or /proc/meminfo; set memory size of 1 GB in latter case. Remove duplicate code that read /proc/meminfo
  • client: fix inconsistent integer benchmarks on Windows with multicore machines. I don't know why this happened, but I fixed it by doing integer benchmarks only on CPU zero. This is OK since cores have separate integer units (but not necessarily FP units). Also shortened benchmark from 60 sec to 30 sec.
  • client (Unix) show process exit codes as negative numbers also (e.g., to show BOINC error codes correctly)
  • fixes SVN ticket #221: Win64 - attach/syncronice AMS crash Manager. The manager was getting stuck in an infinite loop since a bool wasn't being explicitly initialized to false.