Change Log 5.10.19

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Change Log 5.10.19, August 24, 2007

  • Sandbox: Create boinc_exec() function for invoking switcher and setprojectgrp utilities instead of calling system(). POSIX requires that if a shell is invoked by a setuid / setgid process, the shell is run using the real UID and GID. This was not enforced by Mac OS 10.4, but will be enforced by OS 10.5. The system() calls invoke the shell, so we must use fork() and execv() instead.
  • MGR: Add transparency mask to boinc_logo.xpm.
  • MGR: Fix the synchronize button and variables.
  • MGR: Update taskbar icons.
  • MGR: Make sure all the dialogs contain the application name and do not have BOINC Manager hard coded in them.
  • Mac MGR: New Mac application icon built with artwork from Michal Krakowiak.
  • client: change the way upload/download throughput estimates are maintained. The old way took concurrency into account but ignored compression; the new way does the converse.
  • client: maintain new stat: recent average transfer rates. This track average up/down throughputs (over wall clock time, not just while xfers are active) with a half-life of 1 day. Will eventually add a new pref: don't fetch new work if either of these is above a threshold
  • MGR: Disable Simple GUI if the screen height < 600 (instead of== 480). also disable Simple GUI item in View Menu and prevent switching to Simple GUI.
  • API: don't include config.h in parse.h (port David's 7/24/07 change.) This file is included from apps (indirectly, via graphics_api.h) so it shouldn't assume that config.h exists
  • Mac: New Mac application icons built with artwork from Michal Krakowiak.
  • Mac SG: Ugly hack for unknown alignment problem on Mac, requested by Kevin Reed
  • Mac Uninstaller: Display new image in "Are you sure" dialog showing new BOINC logo going into the trash for non-English speaking users.