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Change Log 5.10.21, October 2, 2007

  • Win Install: ignore string case before comparing process names.
Preferences: Apply David Barnard's patches to fix #363: per-day time preferences work incorrectly.
  • MGR: Preferences dialogs use cached preferences if connected to older pre-5.10.18 client (before new get_global_prefs_working_struct RPC)
  • Mac screensaver: replace image in screensaver control panel with new logo.
  • Mac MGR: if BOINC is running as a service / daemon, connect to BOINC Client before creating menubar icon menu to work around a problem of unknown cause which sometimes made icon unresponsive.
  • Mac: add -daemon flag to script for starting BOINC as a service.
  • client: fix bug so we do new version check when client is first started as well as every 14 days thereafter. Display message in red.
  • MGR: Fix SVN ticket #388: Snooze menu item is disabled and not checked if user selects RUN_MODE_NEVER; it is enabled and checked if user selects Snooze; otherwise it is enabled and not checked.
  • Mac Installer: Remove old BOINC Manager and screensaver bundles before installing new ones to guarantee a clean install. Updates for Grid Republic.
  • API: initialize sigaction struct in X graphics code
  • Manager: port David's checkin of 10 Aug 2007: show the AMS name, not the skin name, in Wizard
  • Mac SCR: prevent double delete of RPC_CLIENT rpc on closing screensaver.
  • Screen Saver: Add additional information about the work running when no graphics are available. Increased the size to the box displaying the message to accommodate larger image sizes. Add code to center images if less then the allowed max size of 450x166
  • SCR: If the secure screensaver desktop checkbox is checked, password on resume, just display the status of the active workunits so the user will have something interesting to look at.
  • SCR: Fix random crashes on Vista for machines that are extra picky about manifest files.
  • SCR: Don't allow graphics at all, since that can disable the ability to show graphics on the desktop.
  • client: clean up (old undergrad-written) code related to pers file xfer.
The main goal is to fix a bug where, if a file is deleted from a project's download server, a client will keep trying to download it for 2 weeks. A download "file not found" is a permanent error, not transient. (fixes SVN ticket #383)
In general, revised and renamed things to clarify the distinction between permanent and transient errors.

Old functions:
handle_xfer_failure(), try_next_url(), xfer_failed(), retry_or_backoff()

New functions:
permanent_failure(), transient_failure()
  • MGR: compile fix for win (don't include sys/wait.h)
  • Screen Saver: Fix bug related to the check to the secure screensaver box. If graphics are not available, then rotate through the currently running results (it will change every 10 seconds) for display so that all are presented
  • MGR: Fix a compiler warning.
  • client: first pass at fixing a fundamental design flaw: there's a single GUI_HTTP object, and it works only if used sequentially, i.e. an op is started only after the previous one ends. This breaks if a GUI RPC triggerse and op while a project-list fetch (initiated by the client itself) is in progress. Or if two managers are connected at the same time, and both do HTTP ops.

The solution: have a separate GUI_HTTP object for each GUI_RPC_CONN, and an additional one for use by the client itself.
  • client: finished up the above
  • MGR: During an auto-attach initiated by a project_init.xml file, Mozilla based browsers are checking cookies in the domain (ex: for a project while IE cookies were only being checked for the full project dns (

IE has been changed so that it will also check the domain. This mechanism is generic and can be used by any project or account manager.