Change Log 5.10.22

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Change Log 5.10.22, October 5, 2007, WCG version

Adding this one as it has some updates for World Community Grid only. But it is BOINC.

  • Add additional information about the work running when no graphics are available. Increased the size to the box displaying the message to accommodate larger image sizes. Add code to center images if less then the allowed max size of 450x166
  • Updated from boinc 5.10 installer file. Modified to include wcg icons and the wcg skin.
  • Set skin displayed to World Community Grid by default. Remove the override setting of the go to blank setting for the monitor
  • During an auto-attach initiated by a project_init.xml file, the code to check for the Setup cookie within an IE browser would fail and cause the attach to project dialogue to close with no warning in the event that there is a cookie set for the project but there is not a Setup cookie.
  • Use WCG Install scripts. [13769]
  • Updating the BOINC installer to make screens flow correctly
  • The UD uninstaller now works!
  • Fix bug related to the check to the secure screensaver box. If graphics are not available, then rotate through the currently running results (it will change every 10 seconds) for display so that all are presented
  • Fix a bug that caused the new text to always display
  • add wcg.bmp and updated wcg icons