Change Log 5.10.40

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Change Log 5.10.40, February 5, 2008

  • Mac: Update libCurl to 7.18.0, build with c-ares-1.5.1 to enable async DNS name resolving.
  • MGR: Delete web site buttons when disconnected; this was causing crashes when a user connected to a different computer.
  • client: add config flag. Causes client to use NTLM auth and HTTP 1.0
  • client: we weren't doing exponential backoff if scheduler requests failed at initialization; fix this
  • client: removed -return_results_immediately cmdline option (wasn't implemented anyway)
  • client: added configuration flag; causes results to be reported as soon as done. Needed for some WCG machines that are reformatted often. Should NOT be used in general, since it increases server load.
  • client: If we are already attached to the project specified in the project_init.xml file, go ahead and delete the file.
  • client: remove the auth_type and auth_flag code.
  • WIN: Update libcurl to 7.18.0