Change Log 5.10.6

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Change Log 5.10.6, June 16, 2007

  • Mac: Installer writes all_projects_list.xml file to BOINC Data directory unless it already contains one. This avoids overwriting a newer project list with an older one.
  • client: fetch all-projects list at startup if it doesn't exist
  • client: if result in statefile is labeled with unsupported platform, set its platform to primary (this completes the fix of 11 June, hopefully fixes SVN ticket #262)
  • client: when I changed the length of benchmark intervals from 20 to 10 seconds, this broke things on ultra-slow CPUs. I think this is because a single loop of the FP benchmark took so long that the end time of the int benchmark had already come and gone. Fixed this (I hope) by reducing the loop length by a factor of 10.
  • MGR: If the screen resolution is too small for the Simple GUI switch to the Advanced GUI automatically.
  • MGR: If a screen reader is detected, switch to the Advanced GUI list view automatically.
  • MGR: Only detect if the host name is local once per connection.
  • Mac: Exit Client if launched by Manager and Manager crashed.
  • Sandbox: clean up authentication logic for privileged operations (attach, detach, reset, etc.), fixing bugs.
  • Mac Sandbox: free authorization after authenticating.
  • Mac: Add graphics2_util.C to XCode Project for libboinc_api.a.
  • Mac: Fix bug in XCode project which sometimes overwrote symbol table files with stripped application.