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Revision as of 14:59, 28 May 2016

  • core client: put if() around "compute_work_request(): start" msg
  • MGR: Add "Anytime" to the list of start times for the simple preferences dialog.
  • MGR: Fix instructions when a connection failure happens.
  • MGR: Let the core client manage the snooze timer. Changes for both the advanced gui and simple gui.
  • MGR: Handle the clear preferences case better by setting the mask flags to false instead of just calling set preferences override with an empty string.
  • MGR: Make sure we grab the correct localized dialog name during construction.
  • MGR: Revamp the messages dialog so that it is resizable.
  • MGR: Remember the size of the various message columns.
  • MGR: Remember the size of the dialog.
  • MGR: Add clipboard functionality.
  • MGR: Cleanup code in various other places.
  • MGR: Change points to credits.