Change Log 5.8.1

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  • Help system updated so that hitting F1, Help, or the ? on dialogs launches a browser and points them to some online help. The Simple GUI page is blank at the moment but that'll be fixed before launch.
  • Simplified snooze to mean suspend only the processor. Suspending the processor from the advanced gui and then switching over to the simple gui should display the resume button instead of the pause button.
  • Fixed remembering the messages dialog column widths as well as the dialog width and height.
  • Fixed screensaver bug where the screensaver didn't shutdown when the user just did a single mouse click.
  • Added the ability to migrate CPDNBBC data to the BOINC directory. This will only work on Windows 2000 or better and only if the BOINC directory does not already exist.
  • Added the ability to save and restore options the user selects during setup. This will only work from this version of BOINC and going forward. Two fields that are not stored is the launch program checkbox at the end, and the service password. Saving and restoring setup values only works if the Setup GUI is displayed.
  • On Windows XP or better, setup no longer requires that the service account has a password.