Change Log 5.8.16

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Date unknown, copied 26 March 2007

  • client, Unix: add '[Family x Model x Stepping x]' in p_model string. This will enable better homogeneous redundancy resolution
  • client: if benchmark time is in the future (due to user tweak) always run benchmarks
  • client: when resetting or detaching a project, if a file transfer was active for a project file, the file delete would fail because Curl still has the file open. This would cause the manager to freeze for N*5 seconds.
Fix: in CLIENT_STATE::reset_project(), delete FILE_XFER and PERS_FILE_XFER objects.
  • client: the limits on numbers of simultaneous file transfers (total and per-project) now apply to uploads and downloads separately. We don't want a situation where an upload is blocked because there are N downloads.
  • client: if benchmark time is in the future (due to user tweak) always run benchmarks
  • client: add <checkpoint_debug> message flag; shows when apps checkpoint.
  • client, Win: set processor affinity mask for benchmark threads
  • client: disable connection caching in Curl. This may reduce cases where file uploads hang because a server process holds file lock.
  • MGR: fix status text for file transfers
  • client: add bool detach_when_done to PROJECT. If set, detach from project when it has not results (i.e. when all work is finished and acknowledged). Save/restore in client state file.
  • client: add optional <detach_when_done> and <dont_request_more_work> flags to account element in account manager reply messages. See acct_mgt.php
  • boinc_cmd: change --lookup_account and --create_account commands so that they poll until the operation is done, and then show a meaningful result (e.g. an account key). Remove --lookup_account_poll and --create_account_poll commands
  • client: when detach from a project, delete its sched_request, sched_reply, and master files
  • Win: Fix check mark on Snooze taskbar menu item on Windows XP
  • Mac: Fix OS 10.3.x permissions problem when running debug build; this problem caused shared memory communications to fail between client and project applications.
  • Mac: Fix serious bugs in and scripts when run under OS 10.3.x. They sometimes created bad users and groups with IDs that were duplicates of other users and groups. They ran correctly under OS 10.4.x. Users who ran an older version of either script under OS 10.3.x should first run the current version of to delete the bad entries and then run to create new good entries.
  • Mac: if we started core client, close it with rpc->quit() instead of kill().