Change Log 5.8.3

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Date unknown, copied 25 March 2007

  • MGR: use user-friendly app names (fix to work w/ 5.4.11)
  • MGR: Possible fix for the Simple GUI messages dialog?
  • MGR: don't prepend "(Activities suspended by user)" to result status. There is no longer a notion of "activities"
  • MGR: Copy missing source file from HEAD branch for Frank Weiler's pie charts updates.
  • MGR: Streamline the message dialog sync operation a little bit.
  • client: lots of debugging messages for cpu_sched (may remove later)
  • Update libCurl to 7.16.0 and use sync name resolves instead of async name resolves.
  • client: fix a bug that could cause computation to stop.
• The problem: if we suspended a task by sending it a <quit/> message, we were changing its scheduler state to CPU_SCHED_PREEMPTED but not changing its task state (PROCESS_EXECUTING). If, for some reason, the process didn't exit right away, the scheduler would treat it as still running, since it builds its "currently running" list based on task_state.
• Solution: the scheduler shouldn't be looking at task_state. Use scheduler_state instead. It's still a mystery why the app wasn't quitting.