Change Log 5.9.12

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Change Log 5.9.12, May 23, 2007

  • Mac: Change "GridRepublic Manager" to "GridRepublic Desktop" in GridRepublic ReadMe file.
  • Mac: New shell script creates a GridRepublic installer from a standard (unbranded) Mac BOINC installer plus the GridRepublic branded resources: GridRepublic.icns, GridRepublic.tiff, GR_ReadMe.rtf and skin files.
  • boinc_cmd: canonicalize URLs
  • Mac installer: if installer package includes a custom skin, set preferences of all users to that skin.
  • Bug Fix: fprintf is an ANSI function in Linux, convert Unicode string to ANSI before writing them to sdterr.
  • Bug Fix: Fix the abort button logic, VS 2005 was throwing some useful warnings.
  • client: if anonymous platform, don't match platform/version in lookup_app_version(); just match app
  • fixes SVN ticket #182 - System tray icon should be removed for both exit scenarios.
  • client: fix bug if #CPUs changes during benchmark
  • fixes SVN ticket #85 - Both Grid based views and List based views are now available.
  • fixes SVN ticket #187 - Fix the initial refresh interval for the various views.
  • MGR: Fix crash bug in wxPieCtrl.
  • Mac: Add list control sources back into XCode Project (ViewTransfers.cpp,.h, ViewWork.cpp,.h,ViewProjects.cpp,.h)
  • Mac: Revert XCode project, build scripts and build instructions to use wxMac-2.6.3 as a temporary workaround to SimpleGUI drawing bug.
  • LIB/filesys: do timed retry of delete/rename on Unix as well as Win
  • client: sleep 1 sec (not 60) before retry statefile write
  • client: parse in workunit XML
  • MGR: Make it as plain as day what the new menu item it geared towards by calling it the accessible view.