Change Log 7.6.12 - 7.6.14 (November 7, 2015)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.12 -> 7.6.13
  • client: GPU name tweak.
  • client: updated AMD GPU names, from Jord.
  • client: add separate config item for process priority of GPU/NCI/wrapper jobs.
  • client: fix typo.
  • client: fix set_client_priority()
  • client, Win: load SetPriorityClass() dynamically so we don't fail on XP. Also message tweak.
  • client: code cleanup of priority stuff; change numbering so 0 is low. Fix issue #1128.
  • client (Linux): use ionice to lower I/O priority of client and apps.
  • client, Win: run in background mode. This should lower the network, disk, and memory priority of tasks and the client itself.
  • MGR: Fix an error introduced by commit 72fa383 which caused wxWidgets asserts.
  • MGR: msg tweak.
  • client: improve FLOPS estimate for NVIDIA GPUs detected only by OpenCL.
If an NVIDIA GPU is detected only by OpenCL we don't know how many cores per proc it has. Instead of assuming 8 (compute capability 1) assume 48 (CC 2). We could assume 192 (CC 3) but better to err on the low side.
  • MGR: In Event Log, work around a wxWidgets 3.0 bug in wxGenericListCtrl (Linux only) which causes headers to be misaligned after horizontal scrolling.
  • Remove "cy" locale, not available anymore.
  • MGR: simplify my fix of bug which made it difficult to select items when certain columns are hidden.
  • MGR: fix a bug which made it difficult to select items when certain key fields are hidden (selection would always jump to item in top row).
  • MGR: Fix Coverity CID 117641.
  • MGR: Fix Coverity CID 39031.
  • MGR: Fix Coverity CIDs 117639 , 117640.
  • MGR: Fix Select Columns dialog so it preserves column order.
  • client (Unix): dlclose() dynamic libraries in GPU code.
  • MGR: Fix old bug pointed out by Coverity. Fixes CID(s): 38967, 38976.
  • client, condor, remote submit: fix a few Coverity warnings.
  • client: tweak to remove Coverity warning.
  • client: print network suspend reasons as strings.
  • MGR: Fix an error introduced by commit 72fa383 which caused wxWidgets asserts.
  • CE: Remove obsolete project files.
  • GR: Remove obsolete project files.
  • PTP: Remove obsolete project files.
  • WCG: Remove obsolete project files.
  • WCG: Add updated project files.
  • client: Fix build break on Windows.
  • WCG: Update project files so they branch to WCG specific code and resources.
  • MGR: Fix bugs in commits 289005d and e1eb20f (set check mark on Snooze GPU menu item and disable it when CPU is snoozed.) The earlier commits also set the check mark when CPU was set to Suspend indefinitely. This new commit also disables the Snooze GPU menu item in some additional cases when appropriate.
  • client: increase app-exit timeout from 15 to 60.
• This is the interval between when the client sends a "quit" message to when it kills the app via TerminateProcess or SIGKILL.
Apparently VM apps that do their own state-saving (i.e. that don't use snapshot-based checkpointing) can take more than 15 seconds to do so.
Hopefully 60 is enough.
Rom suggested making this interval shorter in the case where the OS is shutting down. I don't think this is necessary since the OS kill everything anyway after some period (5 sec in the case of Win 10).
  • client: if app uses > 1 GPU, show them all in resource string.
Preliminary Change Log 7.6.13 -> 7.6.14
  • locale: Update compiled localization files.