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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.2 -> 7.6.3

MGR: When an account manager is selected, populate the account manager name field if it is available. MGR: menu tweak. MGR: show total credit as integer. Code cleanup. Mac installer: Add change Charlie inadvertently omitted from his commit 6a85e37: Require OS 10.6 or later for BOINC 7.5. MGR: Fix Mac-only bug since BOINC 7.3.0 which prevented showing exit confirmation dialog when selecting quit from menubar icon menu (task bar menu.) This bug was introduced when task bar icon handling was changed for wxWidgets 3.0. LOCALE: Update with latest menu changes. MGR: string tweak. Translatable strings shouldn't have spaces at the end. This is one case - should fix all of them. MGR: string tweak. LOCALE: Update template based on latest change. client: fix bug when app version uses > 1 GPU instance.

Note: the code wasn't written with multi-GPU apps in mind. There may be other bugs with multi-GPU apps. client: add slot_debug log msg for file setup. WINBUILD: Update Progress Thru Processors installer for 7.6 (Using stock client software instead of fully customized software). client: fix error in checking unlink() return value. client: fix bug where project boolean attributes are stuck at true. • Projects had some boolean attributes (verify_files_on_app_start, ended, non_cpu_intensive) that are send in scheduler replies and thereafter stored in the client state file. If a project stopped sending one of these attributes, it would never get cleared. • Solution: treat the absence of the flag in the scheduler reply as meaning false. client: fix bug that caused delay in job cleanup. • If a job has an output file with and , and it doesn't create the file, then the call to boinc_rename() (to move it to the project dir) fails, and we back off and retry. • Solution: in boinc_rename(), if the rename fails, check if the file exists, and if it doesn't then don't retry. • Also: - when writing client messages, use the actual current time (dtime()) rather than client_state.now. - write log msgs when output file renames fail. WINBUILD: Update the custom action table for the Progress Thru Processors installer. client: allow initial scheduler request to request N instances. • David made a change on 27 Feb 2009 that set the initial request to 0 instances. He's not sure what the rationale was - the checkin note didn't say. client, GUI RPC: maintain and report progress rate. • "Progress rate" is that average increase in fraction done per second of elapsed time. • Also remove unnecessary destructors in GUI RPC code. LOCALE: Update compiled localization files.