Change Log 7.6.32 - 7.6.33 (June 6, 2016)

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Preliminary Change Log 7.6.32 -> 7.6.33
  • Added error codes. Added three error codes for the VM use case.
  • client: added three error codes for use with the file completion trigger file mechanism of the vboxwrapper.
  • LIB: tweak error messages.
The snprintf() was moved one up because it can change errno before calling perror(). This way the correct error message is printed if getaddrinfo() fails and both functions (perror () and gai_strerror()) are thread-safe.
  • LIB: tweak error messages.
As described in PR#1531 the original error message does not provide enough information. This also fixes that no unrelated error message is shown.
  • Virtualbox icon should be const char to avoid a warning when transforming into a string.
  • client: in mem_usage_debug msgs, show whether the job is running.
  • client: fix memory accounting for VM apps. At some point we decided that OS reporting of mem usage for VM apps was wrong, and we use wu.rsc_mem_usage instead.
• Fix: use this only for running VM apps; for non-running, use zero. Also, in mem usage print (mem_usage_debug) show whether the job is running.
  • client: Check for a new process initialization error code when the user session is being logged off.
Microsoft decided to add a new status code for Win10. See: