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I asked Bernd Marschalk of Einstein what is causing the Exit Code 99 that is hampering the S5R2 run at this moment.

It means that the HierarachicalSearch's main() exited with -1, which is an error code. There should be a dump of the LALStatus structure in stderr. In most cases you'll find an "Input Domain Error" in the stderr output, that means that something is broken in the input data representation in memory, although nothing apparently went wrong during reading the data. We are still looking into this (actually I'm getting increasingly desperate about it).

So this could be caused by bad data or just a typo in a file. They are looking into it.

Resetting the project and forcing BOINC to download either a new datafile, or redownloading the old one should fix this.

Additional info from this thread: Exit code 99: This means that the App terminated because an internal check failed. Again there should be something at the end of stderr out that allows to further diagnose the problem. If stderr out lists "file SFTfileIO.c" at the bottom, the check that failed was a sanity check of the data read from the input files. Resetting the project and thus downloading a fresh set of data files might help. Again, there is one type of error we are working on to better understand what's happening in order to prevent this from happening again: In these cases the following lines are shown at the bottom of stderr out:

Required frequency-bins not covered by SFT-interval

XLAL Error - LocalXLALComputeFaFb (LocalComputeFstat.c:536): Input domain error

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