Error code -201 to -210 explained

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ERR_USER_PERMISSION -201 - The user forgot to set Netwotk/Internet permissions, or the file ownership or permissions are set does not allow SANDBOXED execution of the BOINC applications. To use BOINC anyway, use the -insecure command line option. To change ownership/permission, reinstall BOINC.

ERR_SHMEM_NAME -202 - ftok() only works if there's a file at the given location.

ERR_NO_NETWORK_CONNECTION -203 - Dialup Manage failed to connect because of a modem error or a users credentials were wrong.

ERR_IN_PROGRESS -204 - This error occurs in the background. It happens when you have problems with logging in and is used internally in the BOINC code.

ERR_BAD_EMAIL_ADDR -205 - An email address was entered in Attach to Project Wizard or Account manager Wizard for an existing account, but the project has no record of a user with this email address.

ERR_BAD_PASSWD -206 - You have filled in a wrong password in Boinc Manager.

ERR_NONUNIQUE_EMAIL -207 - An error code in Attach to Account Wizard (I'm guessing this is returned if you try to sign up as a new user but project already has an account for this email address)

ERR_ACCT_CREATION_DISABLED -208 - Account creation on the project is disabled. You will not be able to make an account through Boinc Manager.

ERR_ATTACH_FAIL_INIT -209 - BOINC cannot attach to the project. Check if you used the correct URL.

ERR_ATTACH_FAIL_DOWNLOAD -210 - BOINC failed to attach to the project. The project's servers may be down. Try again later.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
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