Exit code -1073741811 (0xc000000d)

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Is an application error code you will find on Windows computers which use a (certain) video card.
Disabling the screen saver will give you a work-around for it. Report this error on the forums at all times.

From AppDebugWin in the BOINC development wiki:

Starting with Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft re-vamped the whole C Runtime Library. Part of the re-vamp process was to do parameter checking on each function. Places that would normally return a NULL value now cause a structured exception to be thrown.
The nature of this structured exception is different than most as they specifically coded it so that it will not engage the BOINC Runtime Debugger and it'll display a dialog box asking the user if they wish to debug the error. If the user cancels the error code 0xc000000d is returned without any more information.

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