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It sometimes happens that you get a new BOINC version and that the description of your CPU changes so much that you can't merge this CPU with the old one.

Ananas has found a way around this:
You could:

  • stop BOINC
  • edit client_state.xml (NotePad, vi, UltraEdit ... but not Wordpad or so)
  • search for "<hostid>new hostID's number</hostid>"
  • replace the number with the old hostID's number.
  • save the file
  • restart BOINC

A server contact ("Update") should update the old host entry now, you can check that in the "Last contact" column in your host list.

If that is the case, you can delete the host without credits.
You can find the hostID's on the Your Computers list per project.

Original writer Original FAQ Date
Jorden 198 04-05-2007