Suspending computation - CPU usage is too high / CPU is busy

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This feature isn't for everyone who has been using BOINC for ages and are running it 24/7 without looking at it much.

It's built in for completely new people, people who were complaining that despite BOINC's applications running on the lowest possible priority, it taking up CPU cycles that would slow down their computer.

These people would complain about that, uninstall, leave and tell other potential crunchers negative things about BOINC. It's added to help those people, for if they come back, to see that even they are listened to.

You can easily disable the function by setting its value to zero either in BOINC Manager or at the project's computing preferences web-site. Until all projects have updated their web-code, the option may not be available through their global preferences, so check your other projects, or look at this post in the BOINC forums for which projects have updated their web-code by now.

One thing that can cause this message to show is, funnily enough, the BOINC screen saver. Because it runs through an external program, it's also seen as a non-BOINC program. This problem will be fixed in BOINC 6.12, though.

Global preferences

If you do not want to use it through the override preferences, change your Global preferences (e.g. Seti computing preferences) for the line of Suspend work if CPU usage is above 25% to 0 (zero), save the changes to the web site, then open BOINC Manager->Advanced view->Tasks tab->Select Seti->Click Update.

BOINC Advanced preferences

Open BOINC Manager->Advanced view->Advanced->Preferences->change the line While processor usage is less than 25 percent to 0 percent (zero)->click OK.

This will enable the BOINC override preferences (as long as BOINC is set to run based on preferences) for this computer only.

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